Sri Lanka

A small finishing village at the south-west corner of Sri Lanka.
The time has stopped here. For many.
The same boats have been used for hundreds of years. Long and thin, with the additional buoyancy on the left of the cockpit.
Small houses, build from the random stuff, bearly withstand the strong winds.
The food in local eateries very simple, pancakes with egg and sour cakes with the vegetables. And fruits, sweet and juicy.
There is a road running through the middle of the village, always busy, always living, full of traffic.
Walkers, bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses, all day, all night. And the dogs, big and small, stray but very friendly.
There is only one rule on the road, the priority has a bigger and louder.
You would say that the accident is waiting to happen, but somehow everything goes smoothly, without the problems.
The tourist from Europe is like a black swan in winter, tall, wearing high-street African explorer clothes, with the Canon camera on the neck.…

The Blissful Tiredness

I really like this feeling of blissful tiredness after the swimming, especially at the end of the strength-speed session. The shoulders and arms, knackered from the paddles. The legs, heavy from the fins. The scapula, tight, the abs hard and flat. The long and stretched body, with the balance a little bit distorted.The head light and confused by the sudden change if the environment.
And a blissful feeling of calm, like after an extended meditation or in the morning.
My stomach and brain ask for the sugar, I eat an energy bar and feel suddenly rush of blood. It's feel good. Time for a long shower.

Winter Training Tor The Triathlon (Middle and Long Distance)

So you have signed up for Ironman or Ironman 70.3! Well done.

Now, whats next?

It's just end of November, beginning of December, cold, dark and wet. Christmas is just around the corner, and you really don't feel like riding 100km on Saturday morning or run 2h on Sunday.

And this is okay. Train less, but smarter!

Winter training is not about building the endurance engine. Not now. Those long and slow rides will come later, in the Spring and Summer, closer to your main race, when the training will become race specific.

In the winter months, the focus should be on the technique, building a solid base, working on muscle strength, creating habits and making your body bulletproof, resilience.

Training sessions are short and sharp, full of high-intensity intervals, speed work, and big power. Swim with the paddles, run hills and offroad and on the bike do a lot slow RPM work (<60RMP).

Stay strong!



I am helping a couple of athletes to prepare for their next year races…

What Can Jim Carrey Teach Us About The Failing?

When talking about his late father, Jim Carrey said that, whatever you do, there is always a risk of failing, so why not to fail when doing what's your love?!
There is nothing worse than compromising, living a small, secure life and at the end, to realize, that you had much more potential.

Live big, dream big. You are already perfect, with all your imperfections and cracks in the armor.

Look around you.
Those people, who you admire and praise, are exactly like you. They have good days and bad days, just like you. They have family problems, stomach pains, they get angry or cry, and sometimes they drink too much to.
They might have more money than you, or better-looking body, or a better house, or a better car, or they look more successful but don't envy them until you know the whole package. You only see their facade, their public, censored version.
But are they happy? Are they fulfill? Are they doing what they love? 
Look inside you and ask yourself "what I really want? W…

Some things never change

Dark, cold and wet; end of November, Christmas is creeping in. Cheery music in the shops, decorations on the streets and the first Christmas tree in the early adopter's window.
Time to freeze the gym membership, stop exercising and indulge in cake. Everyone needs to put in a couple of kilos. No one wants a reindeer knitted sweater to be too loose.
In January we will all start again, one year older, weaker and heavier.
And this time we will reach all our goals, the New Year's Resolution is a real deal.
But this can wait.
Could you please pass me the bottle, it's after 5pm, isn't it?

Potato Hack: How eating potatoes for three days helped with my gut health, cravings and burning the body fat?

After the last race of the season, my eating wasn't right. I had too much alcohol and a couple of too many meals in the restaurants. And then there was a famous Indian breakfast buffet which had me chained to the toilet for the next couple of days...

I needed a fix, very quickly.

Potato hack sounded like a great idea. It's easy, fast, tried and tested!
Not giving too much thought I've jumped on the board. It was perfect timing for this kind of try. My gut needed to be repaired, and my wife was away. I could try out a new thing, and I didn't have to cook. Result!

So what exactly is a "potato hack."

"Potato hack" is my newest "discovery" but it is not a new thing.
It's easy to follow. You just eat potatoes, boiled and cooled down.
Do not skip cooling down part. It's crucial!
This is the only way to get the resistant starch. A medium-size hot potato has virtually no starch. But cool it down, and suddenly you will have up to 3.5 grams. …

Success is no accident

For many years I was using words like "talented" or "gifted" to describe people who exceled in their field, who were above the avarage.
They were special, untouchable, made from a different clay.
I could watch them but I would never sit with them at the table, I could never reach their level as I wasn't lucky enough to get a good genes.
In my eyes I wasn't talended.

Only many years later I've realized that it was a false thinking. Behind every successful story there were years of hard work and dedication.

And suddenly it all made sense.

John, a natural fast runner? Well might be, but he also runs all the time.
Paul, talended speaker? Possibly but he was also a member of a public speaking club for last 10 years.
Jenny, a gifted piano player? Yes plus she had lessons since she was 5.
Can you see the pattern?

As one of the best football players in the world, Pele, said:

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacri…
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