Potato Hack: How eating potatoes for three days helped with my gut health, cravings and burning the body fat?

After the last race of the season, my eating wasn't right. I had too much alcohol and a couple of too many meals in the restaurants. And then there was a famous Indian breakfast buffet which had me chained to the toilet for the next couple of days...

I needed a fix, very quickly.

Potato hack sounded like a great idea. It's easy, fast, tried and tested!
Not giving too much thought I've jumped on the board. It was perfect timing for this kind of try. My gut needed to be repaired, and my wife was away. I could try out a new thing, and I didn't have to cook. Result!

So what exactly is a "potato hack."

"Potato hack" is my newest "discovery" but it is not a new thing.
It's easy to follow. You just eat potatoes, boiled and cooled down.
Do not skip cooling down part. It's crucial!
This is the only way to get the resistant starch. A medium-size hot potato has virtually no starch. But cool it down, and suddenly you will have up to 3.5 grams. …

Success is no accident

For many years I was using words like "talented" or "gifted" to describe people who exceled in their field, who were above the avarage.
They were special, untouchable, made from a different clay.
I could watch them but I would never sit with them at the table, I could never reach their level as I wasn't lucky enough to get a good genes.
In my eyes I wasn't talended.

Only many years later I've realized that it was a false thinking. Behind every successful story there were years of hard work and dedication.

And suddenly it all made sense.

John, a natural fast runner? Well might be, but he also runs all the time.
Paul, talended speaker? Possibly but he was also a member of a public speaking club for last 10 years.
Jenny, a gifted piano player? Yes plus she had lessons since she was 5.
Can you see the pattern?

As one of the best football players in the world, Pele, said:

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacri…

Tri #7 Lynn Hanley

An artist and sometimes a Triathlete.

How The Endurance Training Ruins Your Health And What To Do About This?

If you are, like me, into the Ironman triathlons and other extreme endurance feasts, you have a problem.Even if you don't give the monkeys about your PBs, sooner or later you will become competitive, and you will want to go faster, longer and further. 

This is our human nature, we always try to be the best version of ourselves. And there is nothing wrong with this.

The problem is that very quickly you will realise that the fastest way to improve your endurance is to increase the amount of the training hours.
So you will swim more, cycle longer and run further.
Then your body will adapt, you will see the results and then you will crank up the volume again. Welcome to the endurance rabbit hole.
In the mist of the countless turbo sessions, competitions, long weekend rides, races, tri camps, track meets and the masters swimming sessions it is easy to forget that we are not professional athletes. This is not our job, and we will no go hungry if we don't win the next race.I bet that you …

Tri #6 Ciara Webb

My name is Ciara Webb, I’m 35, and I’ve been a member of Edinburgh Triathletes for four years (I think). I’m really good at making mittens and running away from difficult situations, and pretty awful at cooking and getting out of bed in the mornings (I used to love the Friday morning swim session but the older I get the sleepier I am!). Outside of triathlon (yes, there is a time in my week when I’m not at a training session!) I organise Portobello parkrun, play in an orchestra, and Irish dance.

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Tri #5 Jennifer Bedford

Jennifer Bedford is Edinburgh based triathlete. She has won this year Loch Gu Loch SwimRun Race and she is a finisher of Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon. 
''I like the challenge and doing something and getting to the end off it. Start small and you just progress. And I would never have thought I would be able to do long distance triathlon, never mind the extreme one!''

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Tri #4 Mike Brown - Athlete, Race Marshall and a Van Lover.

"To be fit, healthy and to live life to the full whatever I do."
Our today's guest, Mike Brown, argues that the sport of triathlon is virtually for everyone. I agree!!!!

On the next episode, we will have this year Loch-gu-loch winner, Jennifer Bedford.

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