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Are you this annoying Finish sauna user who...

Leaves the doors half open because is too hot?Leave the doors open for your mate?Comes in and out every 1 min?Pours the whole bottle of water on herself.Doesn't take a shower before?If you do any of above, please stop. NOW! You don't get any benefits, and you ruin other people experience.

The dry sauna is fantastic. Regular users benefit from:

Enhanced Muscle RecoveryDetoxificationHeart HealthEnhanced Lung VolumeMental Relaxation
But for any of above adaptations to occur, the sauna has to be hot. And it has to be dry. And you need to spend at least 10 min inside.

Rant over!

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Start NOW! What are you waiting for?

People look at me, at my races and the huge amount of training I do and they say that they couldn't do it. And they are right.  You cannot do the Ironman Triathlon without the adequate training.
But you can START, right NOW. 
Go for 10 min fast walk, do 10 squats, join the class, choose salad instead of the chips.  Challenge yourself and push a little bit further, everyday. In no time you will be able to run 5, 10, 15km. Your body will change and you will feel and look much better.  And when people notice your transformation asked them join you!
**************************************** Get in touch if you need a guidance. I've helped many people find their motivation, I can help you too! ****************************************


That's a weird feeling.  When I was living here, as a teenager,  I've just wanted to get away. Far.
When 3 males live under the one roof, in 2 small rooms, things can get nasty.
Our mum, even with all best intentions, couldn't defuse an anger and a growing missunderstaning between my dad, my brother and me. So we fighted, a lot. We all had a great expectension towards each other but we didn't live up to them.
A lot of bad words have been shouted, the doors beeing slammed with an anger and the tears...a lot of tears, enough to fill a deep moat to keep us apart.
Because we have never talked about the feelings, the scars grew bigger and deeper. Never attended, they wait there, like a landmine with a broken fuse, ready to explode at any moment.
Now, on the surface, it's all look very good. We eat together, chit chat together, we even crack a joke or two. But it's all flat, we act like a people who has only meet today.
Everytime, when I visit my parents, I hope tha…

Talent Is Overrated. My Secret On How To Get Better, In Anything.

I have never been most the talented or gifted kid in school.

When others naturally excelled in either the maths or the language, I was average. But I've studied, probably more than the others.

With a lot of practice and with great support from my parents, I was always in the top of my class in the primary, then high school and after, at the uni.

I've taken this lesson to the sports. By only showing up to every practice, sticking to the routine and listing to my coaches, by the age of 20 I've played for the first division handball team in Poland. There was only 2 of us, myself and my friend, who "made it", from the massive pool of players from my club.
After eventually quitting the handball, after 13 years, I've picked up the squash.
I knew exactly what to do. I've hired a good coach, read every possible book on the topic and within few years I've reached the last 16 at the Polish Champs.
Was I gifted? I don't think so. I've just spent 1000s h…

How Do I Maintain A Very Low Body Fat Percentage And Eat Whatever I Want?

When it comes to diets and different styles of eating, I've tried most of them: paleo, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, low carb, low fat to name few.

Some of them work well, some don't; they have their advantages and disadvantages, and they all share the common ground; diets are not sustainable for an extended period of time.

You can force yourself to stick to the particular diet, to remove a group of food or to keep low calories but sooner or later you will drop the ball. Your body will demand that. And you will put the weight back on, and you will have to start again.

This is the main reason we are losing the battle against the fat.

The cards are stacked against us.

There is too much food around us, and we are programmed to eat as much as we can. We simply cannot help ourselves.
We try too much, going on diets, trying new, perfect pills, etc.
You cannot outsmart your body and crash dieting works only for a short period.

So next time, instead of going ''on a diet&…

What Is The Best Diet?

My diet works for me. But it might not (and probably won't) be the best way of eating for you.

You see, I train a lot, and I eat accordingly. But still around 85%- 90% of the stuff I consume is very healthy; mostly green leafs, vegetables, organic eggs, fish, and meat. Only 10% -15% is considered "bad". Those are simple carbs like bread, pasta, cakes or beer. I eat those because I am around 10 percents of body fat at this moment and I train around 15h per week. And I need a lot of energy.

But as soon as my training decreases or when I want to burn more fat, I simply make my diet more rigorous, I stop eating simple carbs, I fast more often, etc.

Don't try to copy me. Ask yourself ''what's my goal?'' and then eat accordingly.
The basic are very simple, learn them and then create the best diet, your diet.

My Why

By pushing my body and the mind to its limits, by learning and improving and by achieving things I didn't know I'm capable off, I want to motivate and educate people to take the full responsibility of their lives, so they can reach their full potential and become better and happier humans.