The Growth Is Never Regular!

"Success is a sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."  Robert Collier

The growth is never regular, linear. It's more like a series of tiny ups and downs on an upward spiral.
You may see a daily improvements for some time, and you hit the plateau.
The only constant must be your commitment and regularity. It's applicable to all your practices: fitness, meditation, eating, health...

Stop Complaining and Be Happier!

Do you live in the UK?
Are you healthy?
Do you have a place to live?
Do you have food on your table every evening?

If the answer is yes for all above, you have just lost the right for complaining!That's right. Stop bitching and mourning and start living! 
You are one of the luckiest people in the world.
Have a look, you have: human rights, minimum pay, free health care, unions, freedom to move, free education, benefits, free help, free advice, free food and shelter and much more. 
There are places in the world where people would kill for half of the benefits you take for granted.
So wake up and start to appreciate what you have. 
Make the world better place and smile more for God's sake!

My unhealthy Facebook relationship and how I deal with it.

Facebook is an incredible tool, it helped me to launched and run my fitness business and to connect with other people, but it also has its dark side. It's very addictive, and I've recently noticed that I am spending more and more time mindlessly scrolling down the screen in search for another dopamine hit. This is the exact behavior the people behind the Facebook wish for.
In the words of Sean Parker, the early Facebook investor, they want us "to consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible." 
And they have been winning for a long time, without me even realizing it.
Not anymore!! 
After uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone, I've caught myself, numbers of time, picking up the phone, for no reason.
Unfortunately, due to my work, I cannot be completely Facebook free.
But I've come up with a better solution. It limits my time spent on social media and makes me be mindful and meditate, many times during the day.
The app is called Offtime, …

Winter Training - 6 Months to Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh

How to train in the Winter?
What to focus on? Long and steady or short and intense?

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Contemplating Death makes me Alive.

"Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

We all going to die, the clock goes only forward. You cannot cheat in this game, and you will not have the second chance.
No one wins a wild card.

For some reason, we, humans, like to believe that we still have many more years to go, that we will have enough time to achieve all our goals, all our dreams.
Some people live 100 yrs but it's very naive to think that you will be a chosen one.

Life is unpredictable and just waits to threw you a curve ball. You may meet your end the next month, in 20 years or in the next few minutes.

But not knowing is a good thing.
The power of logic forces you to be a good human, all the time.
It forces you to never miss an opportunity to tell your close ones that you love them, and to say "I'm sorry" first.

Who knows, today it might be your last chance...

Sri Lanka

A small finishing village at the south-west corner of Sri Lanka.
The time has stopped here. For many.
The same boats have been used for hundreds of years. Long and thin, with the additional buoyancy on the left of the cockpit.
Small houses, build from the random stuff, bearly withstand the strong winds.
The food in local eateries very simple, pancakes with egg and sour cakes with the vegetables. And fruits, sweet and juicy.
There is a road running through the middle of the village, always busy, always living, full of traffic.
Walkers, bikes, scooters, motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses, all day, all night. And the dogs, big and small, stray but very friendly.
There is only one rule on the road, the priority has a bigger and louder.
You would say that the accident is waiting to happen, but somehow everything goes smoothly, without the problems.
The tourist from Europe is like a black swan in winter, tall, wearing high-street African explorer clothes, with the Canon camera on the neck.…

The Blissful Tiredness

I really like this feeling of blissful tiredness after the swimming, especially at the end of the strength-speed session. The shoulders and arms, knackered from the paddles. The legs, heavy from the fins. The scapula, tight, the abs hard and flat. The long and stretched body, with the balance a little bit distorted.The head light and confused by the sudden change if the environment.
And a blissful feeling of calm, like after an extended meditation or in the morning.
My stomach and brain ask for the sugar, I eat an energy bar and feel suddenly rush of blood. It's feel good. Time for a long shower.

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