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We all know that we shouldn't eat processed food, cut down sugars and grains intake, lower alcohol consumption, exercise daily, choose to walk instead of the bus, etc. It is common sense, isn't it?
To be excellent, you cannot simply think or feel excellent, you must act excellently'' Aristotle
So how it is possible that the recent Scottish Health Survey results showed that obesity "has increased significantly since 1995" and now more than almost two-thirds (64.3%) of adults population is obese?

Let me explain:
Common sense is not common action! And the action is required to follow through on what we know.
Remember it next time when you feel like watching another program on healthy living while laying on the couch with a pack of crisps in one hand and bottle of diet coke in another!


When your life seems to be very predictable, well planned and regular, enjoy every dullness moment of it. You never know what may wait for you around the corner and what new and unexpected situation you might have to deal with next minute. When you feel you are on the top off the ball and it is all up to you, life suddenly tosses the dice of the destiny and everything changes dramatically. You face new challenges, out of your comfort zone.

It happened to us yesterday. One moment we have been cleaning Joanna's motorbike, chatting and laughing along, and the few second later we faced quite a dramatic situation.
I learned few things yesterday. First, very simply one: one should never clean the chain when the wheel spells.
But also, more importantly, I have again discovered how fragile human body is, how unexpected life can be and that everything might turn around within seconds.

When living a busy life, it is really easy to forget what we actually love and what we really care about.


When it comes to the training, I am a big advocate of taking the baby step approach. Slow start, focus on the details, making sure that technique is spot on. Then it is time to work on the volume I make sure I can keep perfect technique for the longer time. I only move to the next level, take a heavier bell or try a new, harder progression when my technique is 10 of 10; I am breathing naturally throughout and all the moves seems to be effortless, flowing.

Sometimes my ego wants to screams: go heavier, faster, now!!! It is tempting, but is it worth?
No it isn't. When you listen to your ego, will progress very, very fast. Many times too fast!!

Next think you know you are injured, out of the training for a few days, weeks... All your hard work wasted, you need to start from the scratch.

A slow, smart progressions aren't spectacular. Nothing happens in one day. It is a methodical approach,  planned sessions, hard work and a smart recovery for weeks and months. But it works.
And yo…
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