I do Flowfit almost every day.

It is a part of my warm up before any sport activities, whether it is a squash, kettlebells sport, rings, clubbells or yoga. I am using it during my decompression days and for movement meditation when I perform it very slowly with a great focus on breathing and connection.

When I go fast I get a great cardio workout.

You can perform Flowfit almost anywhere, no equipment is needed. It is a great tool to take with you for your holidays or to perform in the hotel room during the business trip.

Benefits of Flowfit:

  • Burn a lot of fat!
  • Boosts your confidence, energy and flexibility
  • Decreases stress and body tension
  • No weights, no waiting, no restrictions

Flowfit is great for all ages. Because of 4 levels of sophistication, program can be easy enough for the fitness beginner and very challenging for the most advanced athletes.

Find your flow!

Do you want to learn it? Get in touch!

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