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Last day of the boot camp. As always, it was an emotional moment. It is the time when boot campers have their body composition checked again and we compare it to the data collected 4 weeks ago.Everyone worked so hard for this moment and everyone expect great results. In the ideal world the body fat percentage, visceral fat and metabolic age should drop and muscle mass should go up.

Well, it was not always a case.

1. The first thought you may have is that they just haven't worked hard enough, therefore no results.

Well, I can assure you it isn't true.

They have been showing up every morning for last 4 weeks and I have made sure they train to the limits of their capabilities. No doubt they improved their performance, fitness, technique...
So if it is not laziness, why there was no or just a microscopic improvement in body composition?

2. The second reason is illustrated by the picture below:

and this one:

Simply, you cannot eat anything just because you have worked out!!?!

It is …


Today I've realised I am a very lucky person.As kettlebell coach and personal trainer, I have a rare chance to meet real people, with no masks, makeups, fake smiles. We train together, hard, often very early in the morning. Almost every day. We sweat a lot, we breath heavy, sometimes we are in pain. It's when the magic happens; all the barriers, fa├žades with we tend to hide behind are down, and we are truly ourselves. 

I tell you something, it is a beautiful view. 
Despite of different body shapes, fitness abilities, metabolic age, etc. you are all beautiful and amazing people. 
Go out there and shine!