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In today's entry, I will look at a different forms of transport available for the backpackers in Vietnam, and I will explain why, in my opinion, overnight sleeper train is by far the best way to travel. Other options are plane, bus and motorbike.

Let's start with the smallest one; nippy motorbike seems like a great tool for a job. There are millions bikes and mopeds here. Each family got at least one if not more.

Some travellers buy a bike in Hanoi, then travel all way done to Saigon where they sell the bike back. Guys from Top Gear done it as well.

Sounds like fun? I don't think so. Let me tell you why.

First of all, the condition of roads. A lot of holes and bumps and gravel on the side of the road. Secondly NO rules on the roads. Well, there is one rule: bigger your vehicle bigger your chances to survive. Big lorries and buses are kings of the road.

It is normal to see mopeds and bicycles going against the traffic on any road. No one use indicators. Red light? Who care…


I always fancied visiting Vietnam. I don't know why. Maybe because of all Vietnam war movies I have watched... Or because it sounds very mystical and so oriental. I always wanted to feel the heat, wet air on my skin, witness hectic life in the major cities and calmness of villages.

This year my dream comes true!

We have bought tickets to Hanoi! Old Skyscanner came handy again.

As for the last couple of years, at the end of summer holidays, together with Joanna we sit down and plan our winter adventure.

We open Skyscanner, choose FROM UK and destination EVERYWHERE, and then we search. This way we have already backpacked South of India, Morocco (twice), Tenerife. Vietnam this year, for 5 weeks!

Our trip starts at 10 am on Monday, 9th December at Edinburgh's train station. We go to London, then metro to Heathrow. From there we supposed to catch a flight to Paris, spend a night in a hotel, catch a morning flight to China and eventually get to Hanoi by 11.55pm on Wednesday 11th Dece…
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