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In less than two weeks I will be competing, along with my team mates from Edinburgh Kettlebell Club and other girevoy sport fanatics, in on of the largest kettlebell competition in UK, GSU Glasgow Open.

Year ago I was completely new to kettlebell sport. Glasgow was my debut. I didn't really know what to expect. I always had an assumption that weight lifting competitions are adrenalin and pain fuelled events with hostile atmosphere and people shouting and screaming for intimidation.

Well, luckily, kettlebells dudes are anything but above. Atmosphere is always great, everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I've done 101 yerks with 16kg and I almost killed referee during my snatch set when kettlebell slips away from my hand. Sorry ref!
I was first ever EKC member to stand on competition platform. Few guys come down to support me and to see what it is all about. They've all got hooked and later they signed up for next competitions.

As the kettlebell becomes more and more popu…


Have you ever heard about ''haggis effect?'' Many Scots claim that eating haggis will make you stronger, leaner, quicker, more motivated, more intelligent, brighter and even in some cases more attractive and sexier!

In case you are one of those unlucky southerners and people from other far away countries, haggis is a national Scottish dish containing sheep's pluck encased in the animal's stomach.

Yes, so I was always very sceptical about all those claims. I just thought it's nothing more than wishful thinking.

Well, how wrong I was!!!

Yesterday there was a famous Burns Night, a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, in short - time of massive consumption of haggis followed by gallons of whiskey. And today's morning kettlebell circuit class was one of the busiest ever! Can you see the link?

I can!

I am believing in mighty haggis!

Let's sing:

The Selkirk Grace

Some hae meat and canna eat,

And some wad eat that want it;

But we hae m…


Travelling, especially my favourite backpacking, is very demanding, for the body and also for the brain.

You cover a lot miles in short time; by bus, train, boat, tuk-tuk, bicycle and by foot. Each day you change the area, city or even country. You feel like a stranger most of time, everything around you is new.

When eventually you reach your hotel, often very late, you are tired, thirsty, hungry and exhausted.

After dinner and quick nap you feel like exercising a little bit but you cannot be bother with going out there in search of the gym. If you are in remote part of the world your chances for finding a gym are close to zero anyway.

So what you do?

You can still get amazing workout, using few very simple body weight exercises and few cool time protocols!

Below you will find a list of 5 best body weight exercises I use for my training during my travels.

(Photos has been shoot in Bangkok, at the top roof swimming pool, because even hardcore backpackers need a little bit of…


For a big chunk of the year I train almost everyday, sometimes few times per day. I teach several kettlebell classes per week, train with my personal training clients and on the top of all of this I follow my girevoy sport training programme few times a week.

I also aim to do at least one yoga class per week and have odd game of squash from time to time. I really like my weekly routine as all those activities keep me fit and strong.

Things dramatically changes when I travel though. Whole routine collapses and I cannot stick to my plan. It is good though. Your body need a break from time to time.

Even though it is sometimes hard and challenging I always try to do something and stay active. When jetlag kicks in, when after all day of sightseeing or after 12h journey in bus without much food or after riding 1000km on the bike you feel tired, sluggish and lazy is very hard to force yourself to train. Those days I do only joint mobility, as many times during the day as possible, for sometime…


Before this year trip, I had tiny knowledge about food and dietary habits in Vietnam. I heard about spring rolls and I suspected that rice would be the main dish. I also heard rumours about eating dogs, pigeons and crocodiles. (It's TRUE). That's all I knew.

The first thing which has struck me here is a lack of obese people. Of course, from time to time you can spot bigger belly, mainly in larger cities, but it is a very rare sight. A vast majority of people are slim to skinny with a very little body fat. Six pack, so desired yet hard to get in "fit" Europe, is very common.

As a personal trainer, I really wanted to discover their secret. Because it must be one, isn't it?!

Well, yes, you are right, of course, there is no secret.

Vietnamese people don't count calories nor eat protein powder shakes. And I can assure you, they have never heard about Herbalife slimming line, extreme body fat burners nor they don't get their Body by Vi. They don't even tra…
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