For a big chunk of the year I train almost everyday, sometimes few times per day. I teach several kettlebell classes per week, train with my personal training clients and on the top of all of this I follow my girevoy sport training programme few times a week.

I also aim to do at least one yoga class per week and have odd game of squash from time to time. I really like my weekly routine as all those activities keep me fit and strong.

Things dramatically changes when I travel though. Whole routine collapses and I cannot stick to my plan. It is good though. Your body need a break from time to time.

Even though it is sometimes hard and challenging I always try to do something and stay active. When jetlag kicks in, when after all day of sightseeing or after 12h journey in bus without much food or after riding 1000km on the bike you feel tired, sluggish and lazy is very hard to force yourself to train. Those days I do only joint mobility, as many times during the day as possible, for sometimes as little as 2-3 min. It helps my joints stay healthy and I feel immediately better and got more energy.

When my day is less packed I tent to do more. It might be several rounds of Flowfit, few intensive Tabatas or just sprints down the beach. I also remember to stretch a lot and do few yoga flows. Body weight exercises are always the best when on the move. On this year trip I also follow simple program to achieve 100 consecutive push ups.

Planning my holidays around some cool outdoor activities is another great way to keep me fit. Luckily my wife is always up for a challenge so one year we went mountain biking to Spain, other time snowboarding in Alps, another time we have been trespassing Morocco's mountains and this year we have decided to pick up kitesurfing when in Vietnam. Staying fit when learning new things AND being out of the comfort zone it is like killing few birds with one stone!

As always please share your thoughts with me. And as always stay tuned in because next time I will share with you my favourite body weight exercises and I will show you how you can create your own killer body weight program.

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