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The main goal of this series is to name and identify most common injuries in the world of sport and fitness. It will also provide exercises and drills to help prevent them.
This article is devoted to hamstring.

Hamstrings: group of tendons contracted to 3 back thigh muscles. They act upon to joints, the hip (extension) and the knee (flex and inwardly rotate the lower leg when the knee is bend). The hamstrings are also acting as antagonist to quadriceps.

Hamstring injury is very painful and may take many months for full recovery. In some cases it may even need chirurgical intervention.

Pulled or torn hamstrings are common among wide range of sports and occurs during explosive movements like sprints, jumping and lunging. One of the most affected group and prone to hamstring injury are football players.

The UEFA Injury Study, conducted over 7 years (seasons 2001-2008, 23 top European teams, 566 000 h of exposure), shows that ‘’the single most common injury subtype was thigh strain, rep…