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I could never understand people who say:

"I cannot be bothered" 
"I am too lazy", 
"maybe tomorrow " 
"I am bored". 

Those ones are the same people who complain that they earn too little, that they don't like their job or "are just fed up".

In one of my favourites movies, Fight Club, the main character, Tyler Durden said:

Tick tack... What are you going to do? Tick tack... Are you happy with your life, your job, relationship, your body?

No? So what are you waiting for?! Let's change it! Now!

Don't waste an more of you precious time.

Your small habits and daily routine are stealing your life, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, they stilling your soul. Don't let it happen!

Stop watching television, reading news. Go for a walk with your friend or learn something new instead.

Keep challenging your brain, keep breaking the habits.

Do you visit the pub straight after the work every Friday evening? Go to the theatre instead! 
Are y…