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Social media, magazines or YouTube are full of motivational quotes, pictures and videos to help us get thru our next challenge, workout, task. Everyone talks about motivation this days; how important it is in achieving your goals, dreams, plans.I think we are missing a point a bit. Don't get me wrong, motivation is important but commitment is what makes real difference. Motivation is based on pure emotions. Its only happens when there is a reward to gain or when you don't like the place your are at. It may be very strong one day/minute and may disappear next.

Commitment is what we are left with when motivation is gone.
When motivation is just external thing, commitment comes within you. Commitment is about remembering what you want, and getting this even if you feel it's not your day.Stay committed to your dreams!
And one day you will fly with the stars!
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By pushing my body and the mind to its limits, by learning and improving and by achieving things I didn’t know I’m capable off, I want to motivate and educate people to take the full responsibility of their lives, so they can reach their full potential and become better and happier humans.

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