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I've made massive mistake today... And I've learnt a lesson.

I have got into the argument on the Facebook today. It started with a little rant. 

I felt that I had to say something, that I am right, that saying what I think will be the best solution.

My pride, my ego was shouting: go and show them who is right! And I did. Even tho my friends have back me up, I still think it was unnecessary, and stupid deed.

First of all, I have spent 90 min of my life reading the comments, arguing, replying. I could use this time much better, reading a book, meditating, writing a blog.

Secondly, I might upset many people. My word made them sad or angry. Not good at all.

And finally, I've lost my temper. I've got carried away, in purchase of providing my point... It shouldn't happend.

Was it worth it? Not at all... I will be wiser next time.

Mark Twain was right after all.

Do you want to SURVIVE or THRIVE?

Do you eat and drink every day? Of course, this is what your body needs. Those are the survival basics.
But you don't want to just to survive,  do you?! 
You want to have a great life, with a lot of love and laugh. You want to have a great time, meet new people, be healthy and popular etc, etc.

To be able to do that, to thrive and live your life to the limits you need a little bit more...

You need to move, learn new things and stay active, everyday.

Your are designed to be fit, slim and pain free. If you are not, you simply neglecting and sabotaging your body by not moving it enough and delivering low quality energy. (think refine sugar etc)

It's a bank holiday Monday. You are off work and planning lazy day. But your body doesn't know the calendar, data, holidays. It wants to move.

Don't stop it!!

Discover the Power of Being Positive.

Positive attitude is NOT overrated. It really works!
Try this. Next time when you see "the hard workout" on the club's board smile and say:

"Hey, I can do it! And I will. I am strong and capable. I've done it before and I will be even better this time. I know it will be hard and it might be bit painful, but I will enjoy every second of this experience."

Do it and you will feel much better about this workout. Plus, the weights will seem to be lighter and the time will go faster. Is it a MAGIC?! No.
Power of the positive affirmation been know for decades and has been proven by science in various experiments.
When you think positively about something, your brain is changing it's chemistry and puts you in the right mood.

Don't read this post if you are NOT ready for a change yet!

Life is a struggle. In general. We are in state of constant fight, never ending battle. From cellular to global level.

In human body, every second millions cell being destructed and die to give room to a newborn ones. Our liver, kidneys, guts and all the other organs are working very hard to maintain homeostasis, balanced, stable state. It's a great strive, we are constantly under attack of harmful chemicals, viruses, bacterial, change of the pressure, temperature.

It's not getting easier on the human level. We must fight for the food, for the roof over our head. Other people wants to use us, make us work harder, longer for less. They ask for favourites and attention, demanding more, and more.

We have been programmed, same as on cellular level, to get comfortable, stable. We want secure, easy jobs with great pensions, long, all inclusive holidays, live covers, safe car, beautiful houses. No risk, no tension. Easy life, with remote control in one hand a…

Your life is LESS important than you think! It's your opportunity to be great!

WOW! 400,000 galaxies! And it is estimated this is only 1 percent of the whole universe! How small and insignificant we are?!?!

It's good to look at your life on Earth from different, cosmic perspective, from time to time...

Overwhelming? I suddenly feel relieved...

This short animation just helped me realised that my life isn't important at all. Whatever I say, whatever I do. UNIMPORTANT.

Steve Jobs said once ''Life is brief, and then you die''

Go ahead, live, create, do mistakes, fall and rise, embarrass yourself. No one cares. Do not be afraid, say what you want to say, do what you want to do. Don't listen to anyone, you know the best....

And the another quote from Jobs to wrap it up:

''Life is short, so do not waste your time living the life of another person.''