I've made massive mistake today... And I've learnt a lesson.

I have got into the argument on the Facebook today. It started with a little rant. 

I felt that I had to say something, that I am right, that saying what I think will be the best solution.

My pride, my ego was shouting: go and show them who is right! And I did. Even tho my friends have back me up, I still think it was unnecessary, and stupid deed.

First of all, I have spent 90 min of my life reading the comments, arguing, replying. I could use this time much better, reading a book, meditating, writing a blog.

Secondly, I might upset many people. My word made them sad or angry. Not good at all.

And finally, I've lost my temper. I've got carried away, in purchase of providing my point... It shouldn't happend.

Was it worth it? Not at all... I will be wiser next time.

Mark Twain was right after all.

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