Your life is LESS important than you think! It's your opportunity to be great!

WOW! 400,000 galaxies! And it is estimated this is only 1 percent of the whole universe! How small and insignificant we are?!?!

It's good to look at your life on Earth from different, cosmic perspective, from time to time...

Overwhelming? I suddenly feel relieved...

This short animation just helped me realised that my life isn't important at all. Whatever I say, whatever I do. UNIMPORTANT.

Steve Jobs said once ''Life is brief, and then you die''

Go ahead, live, create, do mistakes, fall and rise, embarrass yourself. No one cares. Do not be afraid, say what you want to say, do what you want to do. Don't listen to anyone, you know the best....

And the another quote from Jobs to wrap it up:

''Life is short, so do not waste your time living the life of another person.''  

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