How to win a battle against common cold and why I don't like Scottish doctors.

So I went to the doctors today. I've booked appointment for this morning as for the last couple of days I didn't feel well. It's all started on the plane from Kuala Lumpur. Travelling from hot and humid South Asia to the freezing Scotland has taken a toll on me. It's just another argument for staying there longer next time :)
But back to the topic.
You have to admit that having a cold; blocked nose, sore throat and a bad cough which prevents from sleeping is one of the most annoying things ever. Your are half deaf,  food has no taste and whipping cough makes clear thinking impossible.
After couple of days of this nightmare you decide to go to see a doctors. You've been suffering and you want it stop!
But what a disappointment.
During 3 min consultation you've learned that you are actually all right,  and all those symptoms (which drives you mad! ) will be gone in next couple of weeks?! And there is nothing else you can do,  just wait.
Really? We can cure cancer,  transplant a pig heart to the human body and change sex but we cannot deal with a simple cold?
We go to see a doctor to get a remedy and reassurance that we will get better soon. If there is no cure for a cold,  I would at least like to hear some words of encouragement, enhanced by an old remedies like: drinking warm fluids, taking garlic etc will ease off the symptoms. Showing bit of empathy and understanding would help as well.
Is it only me feeling this way? I know that for more than 20 Years I've been spoiled by the doctors in Poland who would never let you leave the practice empty handed. It's a wide known fact that they are sponsored by  farmaceutic companies to sell as many pills as possible. Yet still,  even though this practice is clearly not right and should be banned ,  there is something reassuring and empowering in it. You are getting tools to fight with, probably no more powerful than placebo, but your morale is elevated and energy boosted.
Do you suffer from cold? What's your strategy? And do you have a similar view on doctors?  Let me know!


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