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Why and how did Fitness Soul Studio come into being?

It is now more than 8 months since we picked up the keys to the studio, and almost 6 since we held our first class. It has been an amazing ride so far. Every day we learn a lot; about the business, about customer service and mostly about ourselves. Every day we meet amazing people and every day we do what we truly love to do. This is the story of how it all started.
Neither I nor Joanna have a background in business or marketing. Joanna studied Geology and I am a PE teacher. However fitness, well-being and sport have always been our greatest passion. Joanna is into dance and fitness, and she was the first instructor to teach Zumba in Edinburgh. My background is in team sports and lately in kettlebells. I have also had a few years of personal training experience. After many years of teaching for various fitness clubs, and then renting out halls and community centres for our own classes, we both decided it was time for our own premises. Our classes were very popular and we had a …

It's nice to be nice.

This is one of the best meals I have ever had. I haven't paid for it and you cannot order it. It's home made, delicious,  authentic Pakistani food, straight from the heart, delivered right to my doors by a very smart lady. And there is a great story behind it.
Few day ago, when at the end of the long day in the studio I was ready to go home,  I've noticed a mysterious person,  standing near by, in the dark. What really struck me was the fact she was only wearing a black dress with a short sleeves and she was clearly very, very cold.
"No wonder she's freezing" I thought to myself. It was indeed a very cold winter night,  with temperature around 0 degree.
Joanna,  my wife,  was first to asked her what she was doing in the middle of the night on the empty street and if she needs any help.
It's turns out that this poor lady has managed to lock her only keys inside the car and now she was waiting for a AA recovery car.
So we asked her inside,  offering a warm…

My perfect morning routine.

First time I've grasped an idea of a magic morning on Tim Ferriss podcast, from the guy called Hal Elrod.
Hal vouches that this simple morning routine has helped him become more calm,  happy, relaxed and productive. He's discovered he can focus better and he's not anxious any more.
To fully take advantage of this method you need to be consistent and do it every single morning,  with no exception.

I only call it "magic" because if applied often enough it's leads to magic things. Routine on its own isn't magic at all,  you just need to follow few steps.
Night before your first day set up the alarm clock half hour earlier than usually and make the conscious decision to wake up with the first alarm. Don't press snooze... It's important.
Ideally,  rest of your family will be still fast asleep so finding a quiet place where you can sit and relax shouldn't be hard.

I like to sit on the sofa in a half lotus pose but you can choose whatever position …