What doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you

Leszek after long swim in the lake.

The first thing I have learnt about triathlon is the fact that its training regime is very tough, especially for someone like me who has always said that I hate swimming and I don't like running.

This beautiful sport is clearly not for me, is it?

But still, knowing my preferences and limitations I have signed up for 3 triathlons this summer, with the longest one in August, when I will swim 1900m in a lake, cycle 90km and run a half marathon.

Why would I do it?

To challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone, to learn something about myself and also to change my attitude towards swimming and running. 

You see, I believe that when you say ‘’I hate doing something’’ you truly mean you are not doing it well, you find it hard, difficult and tiring. And you are also scared of admitting it.

You have only two options here, you can either keep lying to yourself and use all excuses: I hate it, I don't like it... Or you can just face it and put in the effort to learn it.

I always choose the second option.

I use a simple pattern which always works for me. Start slowly and do the chosen activity every day. It's that simple.
In order to change attitude towards running I have run every morning for a couple of weeks. It is only a 1km dash, from my street to the Fitness Soul Studio, 5 min effort tops. I have repeated it often enough to create a new habit. In the process I have also discovered that running isn't that bad after all, that I can actually enjoy it.

Now I am using the same approach for swimming. I have never been a strong swimmer, always blaming my heavy bones and big ass, but now, after several sessions with a coach, I can clearly see that it is a lack of technique which is holding me back.
So again, I am swimming every day. It is hard, but I can already see progress and I know now that in no time I will start to like it!


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