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A plant-based diet

In this short article I will explain why a couple months ago I ditched eat and almost all animal products in favour of plants and fruit and how this move has virtually changed my world.

Paleo die-hard.

There was a time when I thrived on a meat diet. I loved paleo. I could have half -dozen eggs and bacon in the morning, a massive chicken salad for lunch and a raw steak for dinner, day after day. I was lean and strong and felt good. I was even guilty of turning my wife carnivore again, after being a vegetarian for 15 years. For her own good, of course.

Meeting Mike.
Then I learned that one of my kettlebell idols, Mike Mahler, was coming to the UK and I would have a rare opportunity to train with him.
I had been following Mike for some time then, I have his kettlebell and strength work. I was also aware he was a vegan but I wasn't ready to acknowledge that fact yet.

Going veggie.

6 weeks prior to the workshop, to gain a better insight into Mike's methods, I went meat free. I kne…

Road Beam Story

This is a true story which happened to me a few days ago when having a walk with Joanna. Please do not ask me why I ended up walking on this barrier in the first place – I have already got some odd looks from passers by.

So I am walking on a road barrier. The beam is fairly wide, at least 7 inches. It is a very easy walk; I am only 30 cm above street level. I am feeling comfortable and safe. Even even if I took unfortunate step, the landing would be very easy, on the soft grass. There is no risk.

At this point the beam slowly starts climbing higher and higher. Suddenly I am one metre above the ground and the height is rising with every step. What is worse, there is no more soft, comforting landing underneath me. Instead of green, soft carpet, I face a four metre drop and deep, dark and very cold water.

Something extraordinary happens. Without even realising it I start walking much, much slower. I notice an unpleasant shiver in my gut. I start questioning the point of this whole …
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