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Body Transformation Fad

You've seen it many times; a super duper transformation from a fat lad into a shredded macho in less than 12 weeks.

Is it possible? Yes it is.
Is it worth it? Yes, but only if you are a paid model.
Would I recommend it? Hell No! 

If your goal, like mine, is to live a long, healthy and happy life, steer clear of all magic pills and ultimate transformations bullshit.
Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time is not healthy and you will put the weight back on, sooner. What's more, those programmes will ask you to eat a very restricted diet heavily supported by a massive amount of supplements, fat burners, carbs inhibitors etc. which will play further havoc in your body.

So what should you do? 

Forget short-term goals and start making small changes, every day. The long game is the only way to go.
Eat clean, unprocessed, fresh foods, with a lot of vegetables and fruit Exercise daily; go for long walks, play with children, lift kettlebells, ride a bike, swim, run,…