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A short guide to mindful eating.

When was the last time you had a ‘proper sit down meal’ when you truly tasted your food? Plate of nachos in front of the TV when updating social media does not count!
We are what we eat. The food which we consume builds our body, muscles, brain, organs. The quality is important but also the way we eat. In this crazy world we are all guilty of eating in a rush, fast. It is cool to be busy and multitasking gives us a false sense of time saving. But there is a price.   Our experience is dwarfed, we miss important details, flavours. Our body has no time to digest. This creates a void which we try to fill with even more ‘fast food’. We end up unsatisfied, hungry and fat.
But there is another way. A slow way of  the gourmet, connoisseur of taste.
Do not rush,  make sure you have enough time to sit down and relax before starting. And switch off your bloody phone,  please! First, even before grabbing a knife and a fork,  notice the colours and the composition. Pay attention to the different tones…