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What can the small business owner learn from eating breakfast in a hotel in Bali?

In one of the many places offering homestay accommodation in Bali, the breakfast is served every morning on quests’ verandas. The choice is very little, there are only 3 options: pancakes, an omelette or rice. It’s OK though, I'm not too fussy and the food is tasty.
What annoys me is the fact that the breakfast has been served a little bit differently every time. First the rice came on its own, next day with a small egg on the side, and today I could find small bits of chicken inside. I didn't mind the egg yesterday but the chicken was simply too much.
Someone might argue that it was an additional benefit and a nice touch from the owner and therefore I should be grateful. It's not that I'm not adventurous but I simply don't eat meat.
This made me think.
As a customer I like to know what to expect and what I'm paying for. It would be great if I could choose additional things to come with my breakfast but I don't like to be forced into the options.
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