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Crucial point

Every decision in your life brings you either closer to or further from your goals. You can apply it to healthy eating, exercising etc. In the ideal world we would take only positive steps, but it's wishful thinking and impossible for the long game. We are only human and it's normal that from time to time we lose focus and we do things which are not necessarily good for us. It's fine though as long as the next step is in the positive direction.
I like to call it a crucial point. It's important to be aware of those moments and consciously choose the step in the right direction after the mishap.

The graph below presents one day of a health and fitness conscious person. Notice a fantastic green streak in the morning and then a doughnut which represents a "mishap" behaviour. Go back on track with a salad or go down with fish and chips. Be aware, don't wait too long, it will get gradually harder to break a bad streak as time goes on.



Snapchat - Good or Evil

After seeing me using Snapchat much more these days, one of my closest friends, worried that it might destroy my reputation, has warned me:

"Snapchat is what 14 year olds use for sexting and bullying each other - not cool!"

Well, I agree there is a lot of rubbish on Snapchat, but as a matter of fact all the other social media aren't any better. The Internet is full of keyboard warriors, pedophiles and a bad guys but it's also an amazing place for free information, knowledge, love and friendship. It's all there, the trick is to know where to look for the good stuff!
Personally, I think Snapchat is amazing.

Because it is a new, fast growing social platform which allows users to record and share videos and photos with others in a new, refreshing way.
Instead of the highly polished, professional videos of youtube and vimeo, on Snapchat you are getting something completely different,…
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