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What do you want?

If you truly know what do you want, the everyday choices become very simple. There are only two options available; each choice either supports or undermines your goals.

Let's have a look at the doughnut you are just about to consume. It will give you 2 min of pleasure and 20min of energy boost, max. Then you will feel angry and sluggish again, wanting another one.

If you are here for an instant gratification, like a heroine addict, go ahead - score it. However if your goal is a healthy body and a clear mind, for life, skip it. It's not worth the price.

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Knowledge is cheap.

The main reason you don't see the results of your new diet, an exercise plan or a meditation program is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of application. You have to stick to it; not for 6 or 12 weeks, but day in, day out; for life.

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.

Why Small Businesses Matter?

The recent renaissance of artisan coffee shops, small gyms and other craft businesses isn't random or unexpected.
In today's highly modernised, fast-forward and anonymous world of social media, people unconsciously seek for small imperfections, a human touch, an authentic chat and a genuine smile. At first it seems to go against logic that customers choose a local places with tiny, uncomfortable chairs and often slow service over a spacious, luxurious, multicultural coffee lounge and an underheated garage fitness studio with little equipment over a 5 star global gym. There is, hovewer, logic in this madness.

Big, multimillion companies can offer beautiful interiors , very fast service and professional and state of art equipment.

It looks good from the outside but the underlying goal is always the same: to get the biggest return possible for greedy shareholders. This leads to the automation of the work place, boardroom stress, overworked employees and a lack of integrity an…
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