How to come back after a long break from fitness?

Anyone coming back to fitness after a long injury or a break deserves recognition and a lot of encouragement.

Personally, I praise those comebacks even more than a client's weight loss, improved performance or a gold medal from competition.

Because it's relatively easy to be motivated when you are just starting, full of hopes and fresh or when you are on the top of your game, ready to conquer the world.
Coming back is completely different. You feel weak and out of routine, afraid of embarrassing yourself in front of others.
But you shouldn't!
Our bodies adapt very quickly, and within a couple of weeks you will be strong and fit again.
Patience and consistency are key here.
Don't jump in with both feet, though, allow yourself a couple of easier sessions, without going all out or trying to beat your PBs.
Doing so you will avoid burning out, and you will stay injury free.
Ready? Go for a short run, take the bicycle out of the shed or book in for a local fitness class!

Leszek Stelmachowski
Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.
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