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Body, Mind & Craft - how to become better version of yourself

There are only three things you can train: a body, a mind, and a craft.

There are all equally important for balanced, happy life, yet we are guilty of focusing only on the work, completely neglecting the other two.
So we hustle. We work very hard to get better jobs, to get promoted, to earn more money, etc.
But this is the one-way road, a sure path to the burnout, illness and the nervous breakdown.
We cannot master craft without a healthy body and a resilient mind.

Strive for balance.

1. Body 
strong musclesflexible bodygreat cardiobulletproof joints
How: physical fitness, exercise, sound diet, rest and recovery

2. Mind 
compassion, understanding, respect, empathy, love, being a good human 
How: meditation practice, mindfulness, reflection, gratitude

3. Craft 

Strive for mastery in every aspect of your life

How: teachers, mentors, books, videos, experience

Leszek Stelmachowski

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.

There is no one way of doing things

In the recent article, a well-known strength coach attacked cardio exercises as damaging and unnecessary.
Why would he do that?
Did he forget about millions upon millions of people who enjoy running or cycling?
The role of the fitness coaches and the personal trainers should be uniting and sharing the love of healthy living with a maximum number of peeps, not dividing and arguing.
There is no one way of doing things. It's true in all walks of life; politics, sport, business... You name it.

It's also true in fitness. We all different and everyone response better or worse to different stimulus. We also like various activities. Not everyone here is to win an Olympic gold. Let's just play!
If you enjoy running, do it!
If you are into weight lifting, go ahead!
If you in love of gymnastics, good for you!
Move, learn, discover.

And foremost, enjoy!

Leszek Stelmachowski

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.

Honest personal trainer cheat sheet.

Client: I hate running.
PT: You hate it because you don't know how to do it. You suck at it. Running hurts you, and you get tired very quickly.

But who cares? You prefer to binge watch Netflix anyway.

C: I cannot afford a gym membership/personal training with you.
PT: Can you afford not having one? Your priorities are all wrong. Every week you spend £££ on the booze and ready meals which slowly kill you. You give your local generic gym £19.99 each month, but you don't even like it and hardly use it.

Get rid of that and take care of your body and mind.

C: Strength training isn't my thing.
PT: Ok, I get it, you love dancing. But if you want to be able to dance longer, better and till late age, you need to take care of your muscles. Being strong will prevent injuries and make you awesome.

C: There is not enough time in the day.
PT: Again, your priorities are wrong. You have to make time! Wake up earlier, skip on TV, run to work instead of taking a bus, exercise during lunch br…

Barcelona Ironman 2016 Race Report

Ironman; a scary distance triathlon, huge training commitment and a true test of stamina, endurance and mental toughness.

This was one of the most memorable weeks of my life with a massive climax on Sunday evening when after 12h6m I crossed the finish line. Exhausted and tired but was flying high.
I did something which only 2 years ago I would have considered impossible. I’ve completed one of the hardest races in the world and become an Ironman.

The race.
First was a 3.8km swim in the warm Mediterranean sea.

I had self-seeded myself at around the 1h 30m mark and I left the water after only 1h 12m. 18min faster!
I could hardly believe it. All the hard training in the cold Scottish water had paid off.

A fast transition and I were off for an 180km cycle. I managed to keep an average of 31km/h and finish in 5h 45min. Again, 15min faster than predicted. Not bad for a first timer.
Another transition and I were ready to face the marathon.
I felt very strong after the first 20km of running, avera…
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