Body, Mind & Craft - how to become better version of yourself

There are only three things you can train: a body, a mind, and a craft.

There are all equally important for balanced, happy life, yet we are guilty of focusing only on the work, completely neglecting the other two.
So we hustle. We work very hard to get better jobs, to get promoted, to earn more money, etc.
But this is the one-way road, a sure path to the burnout, illness and the nervous breakdown.
We cannot master craft without a healthy body and a resilient mind.

Strive for balance.

1. Body 

  • strong muscles
  • flexible body
  • great cardio
  • bulletproof joints

How: physical fitness, exercise, sound diet, rest and recovery

2. Mind 

  • compassion, 
  • understanding, 
  • respect, 
  • empathy, 
  • love, 
  • being a good human 

How: meditation practice, mindfulness, reflection, gratitude

3. Craft 

Strive for mastery in every aspect of your life

How: teachers, mentors, books, videos, experience

Leszek Stelmachowski

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.
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