Honest personal trainer cheat sheet.

Client: I hate running.
PT: You hate it because you don't know how to do it. You suck at it. Running hurts you, and you get tired very quickly.

But who cares? You prefer to binge watch Netflix anyway.

C: I cannot afford a gym membership/personal training with you.
PT: Can you afford not having one? Your priorities are all wrong. Every week you spend £££ on the booze and ready meals which slowly kill you. You give your local generic gym £19.99 each month, but you don't even like it and hardly use it.

Get rid of that and take care of your body and mind.

C: Strength training isn't my thing.
PT: Ok, I get it, you love dancing. But if you want to be able to dance longer, better and till late age, you need to take care of your muscles. Being strong will prevent injuries and make you awesome.

C: There is not enough time in the day.
PT: Again, your priorities are wrong. You have to make time! Wake up earlier, skip on TV, run to work instead of taking a bus, exercise during lunch break. Possibilities are endless!

C: I cannot live without sweets/alcohol/coffee/tobacco.
PT: Yes you can. Stop lying to yourself.

C: I don't have a strong will and get bored very quickly.
PT: You are chasing a wrong thing. It's time to refine and rethink your goals. What do you really want?

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