There is no one way of doing things

In the recent article, a well-known strength coach attacked cardio exercises as damaging and unnecessary.
Why would he do that?
Did he forget about millions upon millions of people who enjoy running or cycling?
The role of the fitness coaches and the personal trainers should be uniting and sharing the love of healthy living with a maximum number of peeps, not dividing and arguing.
There is no one way of doing things. It's true in all walks of life; politics, sport, business... You name it.

It's also true in fitness. We all different and everyone response better or worse to different stimulus. We also like various activities. Not everyone here is to win an Olympic gold. Let's just play!

If you enjoy running, do it!
If you are into weight lifting, go ahead!
If you in love of gymnastics, good for you!
Move, learn, discover.

And foremost, enjoy!

Leszek Stelmachowski

Strong Body, Open Mind, Beautiful Soul.
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