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Burning unwanted fat on the ketosis diet?

I'm planning to drop my body fat percentage from 15% below 10% in 14 days!
For the next two weeks., when I'm on holidays on Lanzarote,  I will be trying a new approach to my nutrition,  a ketosis diet. I've heard a lot of good things about it and I want to give it a go. Apparently, I will burn a lot of body fat and I will feel fantastic. Sounds interesting, isn't it? I am also promised to never be hungry; I won't have to count calories, and I will never bonk again on the bike!
If you are a cyclists or marathon runner you know what I'm talking about!
I'm not the expert but from what I understand the ketosis is the method of fueling that the human body moves into when no carbs are consumed for some time. So instead of breaking the sugars, it breaks the fat. And we all have a lot of fat, an average lean person can store up to 90,000 kcal! But there is the catch. When you eat sugar (bread, banana,  rice, etc.) you body secretes insulin to your blood system. And when …

How Do I Trick Myself Into Doing Things I Want?

There are two sides of me; the lazy, '' I cannot be bothered'' one, and an active, always searching one.
Those two are in a constant supremacy battle.

Being lazy is easy, it's default. 

But it's boring and I think that the life is too short to procrastinate. I want to see, do and experience things. That makes me feel alive.
But doing things requires energy. And my body and my brain always try to save the energy.

So I have to trick it. It's relatively simple process, and it always works.

Let say I want to go swimming.

I know it's good for me; I will relax, I will move my body, I will feel fantastic, and it will take me one step closer to my goal, swimming 2.4mile under 1h.
Yet, my Lazy Side's first reaction is always 
"Really?! Why don't you just relax, sit down, have a beer and watch Netflix? You can always swim tomorrow."

A good argument indeed but I decide to ignore it. I grab my prepacked swim bag and I jump into the car. 
Very often the Lazy …

Why I've started a daily meditation practice.

On the paper I should be happy and worry free. I had everything I needed; loving wife,  friends to die for,  a dream job and great health. Everything was perfect,  yet something was missing...
I didn't sleep well and I had those strange panic thoughts; catastrophic and very sad. In those short but powerful visions I could see my nearest friends dying in the car crash or going down with cancer,  my business going bust and myself ending up on the street, cold and alone.
It's all started only couple of weeks ago,  after completing an Ironman Triathlon.
This was The Event of the year,  a massive achievement and my primary focus for several months but instead of feeling content and happy I've found myself lost.
I had to do something about it...
I knew about a meditation and it's benefits for a long time but I have never managed to stick to the routine for long enough. This time was different.
After only a couple of days of the practice, all the dark clouds in my head have disappe…