Burning unwanted fat on the ketosis diet?

I'm planning to drop my body fat percentage from 15% below 10% in 14 days!

For the next two weeks., when I'm on holidays on Lanzarote,  I will be trying a new approach to my nutrition,  a ketosis diet.
I've heard a lot of good things about it and I want to give it a go. Apparently, I will burn a lot of body fat and I will feel fantastic.
Sounds interesting, isn't it? I am also promised to never be hungry; I won't have to count calories, and I will never bonk again on the bike!

If you are a cyclists or marathon runner you know what I'm talking about!

I'm not the expert but from what I understand the ketosis is the method of fueling that the human body moves into when no carbs are consumed for some time. So instead of breaking the sugars, it breaks the fat. And we all have a lot of fat, an average lean person can store up to 90,000 kcal!
But there is the catch. When you eat sugar (bread, banana,  rice, etc.) you body secretes insulin to your blood system. And when the insulin is elevated,  your body loses the ability to use and burning the fat!

(Think about it next time when you run for the fat loss and sipping a sports drink at the same time!)

My plan is simple. I will cut out almost all the carbs from my diet and I will eat a lot of fat (up to 80%). The complete transformation from sugar to fat burning might take up to a couple of weeks, but I have two bottles of a high quality of MTC oil to help me along the way. This,  together with some running,  cycling and swimming should help me drop my body fat,  fast. I am hoping for 4-5% decrease in 14 days.

I am planning on making regular updates so if you are interested in ketosis and its benefits stay tuned in!
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