Why I've started a daily meditation practice.

On the paper I should be happy and worry free. I had everything I needed; loving wife,  friends to die for,  a dream job and great health. Everything was perfect,  yet something was missing...
I didn't sleep well and I had those strange panic thoughts; catastrophic and very sad. In those short but powerful visions I could see my nearest friends dying in the car crash or going down with cancer,  my business going bust and myself ending up on the street, cold and alone.
It's all started only couple of weeks ago,  after completing an Ironman Triathlon.
This was The Event of the year,  a massive achievement and my primary focus for several months but instead of feeling content and happy I've found myself lost.
I had to do something about it...
I knew about a meditation and it's benefits for a long time but I have never managed to stick to the routine for long enough. This time was different.
After only a couple of days of the practice, all the dark clouds in my head have disappeared. Boom! Just like that.

But I am not stopping. I love those 15min breaks in my busy life. It's my own time,  I sit down, I disconnect and focus entirely on my breathing. So simple yet so powerful.
Give it a go. You shall not be disappointed!


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