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I don't trust you Fitness Pro!

I don't trust you, especially if you are a "fitness professional" with a diploma. No hard feelings, but I have to check if you are not a poser first.Let me explain. I've seen it all; a nutritionist who eats at McDonald's; a fitness coach who smokes and drinks extensively and a personal trainer who cannot squat (sic!) 
This happens because most of the education programmes these days are worthless, aimed for a quick turnout and fast cash.
Also, it's hard to find a coach who lives and breathes fitness this days. Instead, there are hundreds of wannabees fitness models, and Instagram coaches (stars) who will jump a ship as soon as doing X or selling Y will bring more cash and likes.
So are we doomed?!
Well, America is, for at least 4 years.
But back to the topic.
We, customers, have the last word. Let's don't by easily bought by a flashy video and a pseudo-scientific copy offering amazing results in just 2 weeks. Use your head, use your imagination.
Double check t…