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I must confess... (It is probably my most important post to date!)

When it comes to the new health and fitness trends, especially those who promise better health and performance, I am guilty of jumping feet first, going all in.I am like a sponge, soaking up and absorbing the firsthand experience. In the same time, I tend to write far-reaching statements, from which the only couple stood the test of time.

One of the best examples was going vegan. I did it as a trial, and then I've decided, as always, to go all in. I've even promised myself and to the rest of the world that I would never touch the meat again.

It felt good, I was obviously a better person; saving animals, saving the planet, leaving a small footprint.
But then, the animal products started to creep back into my diet. Slowly and almost unnoticed. It was eggs, to begin with, then the seafood, then the fish and then there was a grand finale, I have ordered a lamb shank at the local joint.

My vegan side (yes, there is still one; love and peace and flowers) would like to say that I was for…

Are you a kettlebell newbee? Read it!

A little bit anxious before their first class, afraid that they are not good enough, that it will be too hard, that they will fail...They don't trust me when I tell them that it only takes a couple of classes to learn the kettlebell basics. ''But -they say- I've done extensive research on youtube; I saw people balancing a massive kettlebell overhead, jumping from one blue ball to the another. All those moves must take years to practice!
I watched crazy, impossible stunts, reserved only for the guys born with a tiny kettlebell in their tiny baby hands performing TGU straight from their mum's vagina!
You are a liar Leszek. I am not good enough, I cannot do this, not in the lifetime! You are simply easing me in, luring into the club, you want me to pay a membership...'' But I'm not lying.  It truly takes only a couple of weeks of systematic training, and you will learn all the basics: squat, swing, press, snatch, row. And you will become stronger, and you will …
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