Open letter to the Fitness Professional.

Dear Fitness Pro

Please explain me a few things because I'm very confused.

First of all, in your posts, you often preach that the body image isn't important, that it's not the six pack but the everyday movement practice is what counts. I totally agree!
Yet, to my horror, your Instagram is full of half naked, posing in front of the mirror selfies?!
Secondly, you have been saying that it's important to eat healthy, well-balanced diet. You are 100% right.
Yet again, every Sunday you post a picture of dozen plastic containers full of chicken breasts and broccoli?!
And lastly, my question.
Has someone hacked your social media account or you are simply full of shit?!



And the functional movement?! Don't get me started. There is nothing functional in sticking out the butt of yours!

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