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''I can't be bothered!''

If I listen to this little voice in my head, I would never do anything.
This small bugger is always there, trying to stop me from doing things, new experiences, challenges.
As I cannot switch it off completely, I've learned to ignore it.
After couple minutes into the new activity, the voice is always gone.
And I am one little step closer to my goals.


One good doctor, one bad doctor, two dads and two true stories

My dad smoked cigarettes all his life.

I asked him to stop hundred times. He said that he is aware of the consequences but he finds quitting almost impossible.

Then the doctor told my dad to stop or he will die. He's quit the same day.

Another dad, another story.
For over 20 years my father in law was overweight. His main feature was a massive, bosu ball like belly.

And then he had a car accident. In the hospital he learnt that his blood sugar is off the chart, blood pressure is way too high and that he has to start taking a lot of pills, on the top of those he was already taking. And he will take them for the rest of his life.

And then he listened to his daughter, probably for the first time in his life.

Joanna told him to eliminate all simple sugars and processed foods from the diet.

It was, what's worth of mentioning, against the doctor's advice who almost went mad.

Very quickly, Dad has dropped a lot of weight, and his results were back to the normal. He stopped taking pills. …