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Old School vs New School

It's not a secret that, like most men, I like new and shiny gadgets. I'm excited about a new, better GPS watch, phone upgrade or a new bit for my bike.

New things promise to be better, lighter, faster and prettier...
But I've just learned that is not aways the case.

Recently I've got sick of my old razor blade; an overpriced piece of plastic. This thing was advertised as the best razor on the planet but not only didn't do its job well but also cost me a small fortune.

So, instead of trying out another big brand, I went old school.
I've bought a safety razor, as used by my father and grandfather.

This is a thing of beauty. Heavy, metal and well balanced, it will last forever. It's also dirty cheap in the running, 100 blades cost £8... And you can get at least dozen shaves of the one razor.
And the shave...OMG, it's so smooth and close!

You might need be a little bit more careful, but extra mindful practice cannot hurt nobody.

Learning points?
Not everyth…