Monday, 12 June 2017

I Am An Addict

I am an addict. 

There are many ways of describing success in the fitness world. Some people think money, some a social status or following and other prestige or a shiny new car.
Not for me tho, I’m much, much simpler.

People come to me broken; physically and mentally. They tried different classes or PTs in the past, but they didn’t enjoy it. It was too hard, not friendly and they felt awkward, weak. Not worthy.
My mission is to change this. I feel amazing and buzzing when I deliver a kick ass class. That’s it.
I’m addicted to the feedback I’m getting after the session. Tired but happy, people discovered a little bit more about themselves, learnt and simply had a good time.
And then they are back for more and more. Very quickly they become strong and confident.
And I feel like a winner too.

Grit And Passion - Bruce Wilson - Edinburgh Triathletes Athlete

''...I just want to do as well as I possibly can... This is a great thing about triathlons, you only race yourself...'' ...