Saturday, 17 June 2017

What Is The Best Diet?

My diet works for me. But it might not (and probably won't) be the best way of eating for you.

You see, I train a lot, and I eat accordingly. But still around 85%- 90% of the stuff I consume is very healthy; mostly green leafs, vegetables, organic eggs, fish, and meat. Only 10% -15% is considered "bad". Those are simple carbs like bread, pasta, cakes or beer. I eat those because I am around 10 percents of body fat at this moment and I train around 15h per week. And I need a lot of energy.

But as soon as my training decreases or when I want to burn more fat, I simply make my diet more rigorous, I stop eating simple carbs, I fast more often, etc.

Don't try to copy me. Ask yourself ''what's my goal?'' and then eat accordingly.
The basic are very simple, learn them and then create the best diet, your diet.

Grit And Passion - Bruce Wilson - Edinburgh Triathletes Athlete

''...I just want to do as well as I possibly can... This is a great thing about triathlons, you only race yourself...'' ...