Monday, 17 July 2017

Start NOW! What are you waiting for?

People look at me, at my races and the huge amount of training I do and they say that they couldn't do it.
And they are right. 
You cannot do the Ironman Triathlon without the adequate training.

But you can START, right NOW. 

Go for 10 min fast walk, do 10 squats, join the class, choose salad instead of the chips. 
Challenge yourself and push a little bit further, everyday.
In no time you will be able to run 5, 10, 15km. Your body will change and you will feel and look much better. 
And when people notice your transformation asked them join you!

Get in touch if you need a guidance. I've helped many people find their motivation, I can help you too!

Grit And Passion - Bruce Wilson - Edinburgh Triathletes Athlete

''...I just want to do as well as I possibly can... This is a great thing about triathlons, you only race yourself...'' ...