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All style, No Substance.

A six pack, a perfect figure, a shiny Lamborghini, 1000 of likes on the Facebook, a Rolex watch, 5min handstand, massive tattoo, a newest TT bike, a perfect somersault, a prize wife, 24h hustle... Just the tricks, just the gadgets.

Chase them, and you will never be satisfied, never happy. There will always be someone further down the rabbit hole, someone who can sacrifice more, someone better in the cheap show-off without substance.

 And my answer? Focus on the basics, day in day out the build and grow into the better human being. Cover all the aspects: health, relationship, fitness, money, spirituality...

I don't need a visible six pack, I need strong muscle to protect my spine and the vital organs.
I don't need a Lamborghini, I need a safe, reliable car to drive around to visit my friends.
A prize wife? No. I want someone who will stay with me in good times and in bad.
24h hustle? So I can buy Lamborghini, prize wife and the six pack?

Get the F out of here! :)

Life lesson nr 578.

There is always someone who doesn't like you, someone who doesn't accept you. He will try to change you because you are to big for his small world, you make him uncomfortabled and unsecured. Let him be. Don't engage, don't waste your time or energy. Keep being awesome regardless!

Ironman Copenhagen 2017 - Race Report

The night before. It's 2 am, and I'm fully awake. In bed, desperately trying to fall asleep. But I can't. In 2 hours I need to wake up and be ready for the longest and hardest day of this year, Ironman Copenhagen.
I thought I had the nerves under control... It wasn't true.
It turned out that the second Ironman is even harder the first one. When you are Ironman rooky, your goal is straightforward, just to finish the race.
But when you are racing again, you have higher expectations. You want to prove yourself that you weren't just lucky the first time, that you really deserve it.

Sunday, 20th August 2017 After a very rough night, I woke up surprisingly fresh and ready.
Grzesiek, my close friend whom I was racing with, looked strong and confident too. We knew that we were going to have a cracker day!

We had a big support crowd with us, Joanna, Alicja and PaweĊ‚, and Zbyszek. They did a fantastic job throughout the day, cheering us up and never stop believing. The challe…

Kettlebell Strength Training 101 for Triathletes, Cyclists and Runners

As a Triathlete – you’re probably deeply in love with the Sports. Coming to think about it, you could probably swim, cycle and run the entire day and consider it a day great spent. I’m the same way. A beautiful day of cycling as wind breezes over my skin in the nature is what I’d always choose over a boring gym session… A beautiful day of cycling as wind breezes over my skin in the nature is what I’d always choose over a boring gym session… However, as a Coach committed to your best interests, I’m fully aware of the fact that strength training is crucial. Running with a painful knee is no fun, and if you’re serious about longevity and vitality – my Kettlebell strength program presents the perfect solution uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements. It’s so simple it will only take 30 minutes of your time per session, with 3 trainings per week required in order to enjoy the immense, powerful benefits! Oh – and did I fail to mention you’ll require minimum equipment and that the …

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