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Tri #2 Average Bloke, Intrigued And Inspired By The Feats Of Endurance

'Everyone got to start somewhere, and wherever you start, you will always find someone at your level.''


I'm just an average bloke, intrigued and inspired by the feats of endurance that the human body can accomplish. So from time to time like to see if it's possible for an average bloke like myself try some of this stuff.
I just love being outdoors be it shredding the trails on my mountain bike or enjoying the therapy of a long run - I very much work to live not the other way around.

UKCC Level 1 qualified triathlon coach aiming to get as many people involved in the sport as I can. Happy to help anyone not just triathletes get involved in the sport.

Richard Frickleton

Tri #1 Grit And Passion - Bruce Wilson - Edinburgh Triathletes Athlete

''...I just want to do as well as I possibly can... This is a great thing about triathlons, you only race yourself...''
Bruce Wilson is Edinburgh Triathletes Athlete. He has finished Celtman: Extreme Scottish Triathlon 2017 in a very high, 17 place.

Links: Edinburgh TriathletesCeltmanGrit And Passion

68 min faster in 11 months. My journey to sub 11h Ironman Triathlon.

In October 2016 I raced my first full distance triathlon, Ironman Barcelona. It took me 12:06:58 to finish.11 months later, in August 2017, I competed again, this time in Copenhagen. My time, 10:58:31.
This article is for anyone who would like to learn how I trained, what worked and what didn't, what I could do differently and what specific training sessions I need to implement to go faster next time.

Before the race in Barcelona, I was relatively new to the sport of triathlon. I had only a few races under my belt, and I had no previous professional experience in any of three sports.
My cycling was probably the strongest. Swimming, total disaster. The year before the event I could bearly swim 50m without gasping for air, at a very slow pace, and with an awful technique.
And lastly, running. 

To be honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. I always hated running!
So as you can see, I wasn't ''an endurance guy'' at all.
I had a vast experience in sports, first pla…

Don't Be One Of Those People

Are you one of those people who set up the goals and then never achieve them? You are not alone. In fact, the majority of people never reach their full potential.

It's sad but is true.

It's sad because there is nothing better than fulfilling your dreams and reaching the stars. And it can be done, everyone can improve and get better, in anything, almost infinitely.

Yet we can find 1000 reasons to hold us up. We would need a whole book to discuss them all, so let's focus, in my humble opinion, on the most important one.

What's your WHY?!
Let's take the most common goal for my clients: burning fat.
When I ask them why they want to burn fat, they may say
"Well, in 2 months I am going for holidays to Spain".
Ok, but why slimming down is important?
''Because I want to fit in this blue swimming suit I've bought before I got married 5 years ago".
That's better but still not quite.
What will happen after the holidays? They will put all fat bac…

How Do I Deal With A Tedious Daily Tasks And How You Can Get Fitter By Using A Game Approach.

I love games. Games are fun. And very addictive.
As I kid, I had a game for every occasion. I played with my friends but also on my own.
I could transform any boring task into a fascinating game within seconds.

When my mum asked me to help her with peeling the potatoes, my goal was to create the longest peel.
Take the rubbish out? Let's see how fast I can run up and down the stairs. (We lived on the 4th floor, without the lift, and I run those stairs at least 10 times a day, every day, for 20 yrs!)
Walk to the school - can I cover the distance in less than 500 steps?

Do you see the pattern?

Now into the adulthood.

At same point we are told to grow up, stop playing games, start being an adult.
And we are slowly losing the ability to play.

What a waste!

But the good thing is you can start playing anytime.
Try my favorite game: Game Of Fitness

Rules are simple.

Every action either brings you closer or further from your goal. You are in control, and your actions make a difference. Cho…

Fitness Revolution Manifesto

Let's make the fitness and the healthy living accessible and fun again.
No more boring treadmills, no more machines which limit your movements, no more over-complicate split programs or unnecessary calories counting diets.
And no, you don't have to drink nasty protein shakes or perform rings muscle up, and handstand walks daily.

You see, we, people, have a tendency to overcomplicate and to overthink. In our heads, the more sophisticated and advanced the program, the better.
But when it's come to your fitness and the well-being, the opposite is true. The simpler, the better. 

The irony is that the simple doesn't sell well. It's not sexy enough for the fitness magazine cover or the online program. There is no big money to make in teaching the basic, you cannot trademark a body squat or cooking from scratch and, you cannot call yourself a creator.
And young, fresh after the course and ego driven personal trainers want to show off, sell you on newest tips and gadgets.

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By pushing my body and the mind to its limits, by learning and improving and by achieving things I didn’t know I’m capable off, I want to motivate and educate people to take the full responsibility of their lives, so they can reach their full potential and become better and happier humans.

My passion is to help you become better, healthier and fitter! Join my class, book a personal training session, ask me a question; I am here for you!