How Do I Deal With A Tedious Daily Tasks And How You Can Get Fitter By Using A Game Approach.

I love games. Games are fun. And very addictive.
As I kid, I had a game for every occasion. I played with my friends but also on my own.
I could transform any boring task into a fascinating game within seconds.

When my mum asked me to help her with peeling the potatoes, my goal was to create the longest peel.
Take the rubbish out? Let's see how fast I can run up and down the stairs. (We lived on the 4th floor, without the lift, and I run those stairs at least 10 times a day, every day, for 20 yrs!)
Walk to the school - can I cover the distance in less than 500 steps?

Do you see the pattern?

Now into the adulthood.

At same point we are told to grow up, stop playing games, start being an adult.
And we are slowly losing the ability to play.

What a waste!

But the good thing is you can start playing anytime.
Try my favorite game: Game Of Fitness

Rules are simple.

Every action either brings you closer or further from your goal. You are in control, and your actions make a difference. Choose wisely.

For example:

  • Go for a run before the work: plus 1 point
  • Walk instead of taking a car: plus 1 point
  • Eat a salad instead of cake: plus 1 point
  • Do 10 squats during the lunch break: plus 1 point


  • Take a lift instead of taking stairs: minus 1 point
  • Sit during the lunch break: minus 1 point

Your goal is to get the maximum number of points. Try to beat the previous day score.
Did you win or lose?! Let me know!

And remember, don't beat yourself if you lose, be like a kid, try, fail and try again!

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