Potato Hack: How eating potatoes for three days helped with my gut health, cravings and burning the body fat?

After the last race of the season, my eating wasn't right. I had too much alcohol and a couple of too many meals in the restaurants. And then there was a famous Indian breakfast buffet which had me chained to the toilet for the next couple of days...

I needed a fix, very quickly.

Potato hack sounded like a great idea. It's easy, fast, tried and tested!

Not giving too much thought I've jumped on the board. It was perfect timing for this kind of try. My gut needed to be repaired, and my wife was away. I could try out a new thing, and I didn't have to cook. Result!

So what exactly is a "potato hack."

"Potato hack" is my newest "discovery" but it is not a new thing.
It's easy to follow. You just eat potatoes, boiled and cooled down.
Do not skip cooling down part. It's crucial!
This is the only way to get the resistant starch. A medium-size hot potato has virtually no starch. But cool it down, and suddenly you will have up to 3.5 grams. Don't ask me about science please! :)

But what is resistant starch and why it's important?

Resistant starch is not for you. It's for your gut bacterias. And we all know that the healthy gut leads to better over health!

So how did it go?

Three days went very fast. During this period I've eaten around 5kg of potatoes, and I spent only £6 and lost almost 2kg of the body weight.
But what is more important my guts had time to reoccupy as the inflammatory foods have been eliminated, and the good bacteria was well fed. All the pains and blotting that I was expecting before stopped. Same with cravings.

After finishing the potatoes fast the food tastes fantastic! Eating plant potatoes for three days has helped me to appreciate the different flavors and aromas.

Will I do it again? Of course! 

Potato hack was smooth and satisfying. I feel better, I burned fat and save £££…


You can learn more about potato hack from this book:

On from this website: https://potatohack.com/

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