What Can Jim Carrey Teach Us About The Failing?

When talking about his late father, Jim Carrey said that, whatever you do, there is always a risk of failing, so why not to fail when doing what's your love?!
There is nothing worse than compromising, living a small, secure life and at the end, to realize, that you had much more potential.

Live big, dream big. You are already perfect, with all your imperfections and cracks in the armor.

Look around you.
Those people, who you admire and praise, are exactly like you. They have good days and bad days, just like you. They have family problems, stomach pains, they get angry or cry, and sometimes they drink too much to.
They might have more money than you, or better-looking body, or a better house, or a better car, or they look more successful but don't envy them until you know the whole package. You only see their facade, their public, censored version.

But are they happy? Are they fulfill? Are they doing what they love? 

Look inside you and ask yourself "what I really want? Why I'm here? What's my calling? how I can make this a better place?"
And then you will find the answer.


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