Winter Training Tor The Triathlon (Middle and Long Distance)

So you have signed up for Ironman or Ironman 70.3! Well done.

Now, whats next?

It's just end of November, beginning of December, cold, dark and wet. Christmas is just around the corner, and you really don't feel like riding 100km on Saturday morning or run 2h on Sunday.

And this is okay. Train less, but smarter!

Winter training is not about building the endurance engine. Not now. Those long and slow rides will come later, in the Spring and Summer, closer to your main race, when the training will become race specific.

In the winter months, the focus should be on the technique, building a solid base, working on muscle strength, creating habits and making your body bulletproof, resilience.

Training sessions are short and sharp, full of high-intensity intervals, speed work, and big power. Swim with the paddles, run hills and offroad and on the bike do a lot slow RPM work (<60RMP).

Stay strong!



I am helping a couple of athletes to prepare for their next year races (Ironman 70.3 Edinburgh and Ironman Italy),

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