Contemplating Death makes me Alive.

"Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

We all going to die, the clock goes only forward. You cannot cheat in this game, and you will not have the second chance.
No one wins a wild card.

For some reason, we, humans, like to believe that we still have many more years to go, that we will have enough time to achieve all our goals, all our dreams.
Some people live 100 yrs but it's very naive to think that you will be a chosen one.

Life is unpredictable and just waits to threw you a curve ball. You may meet your end the next month, in 20 years or in the next few minutes.

But not knowing is a good thing.
The power of logic forces you to be a good human, all the time.
It forces you to never miss an opportunity to tell your close ones that you love them, and to say "I'm sorry" first.

Who knows, today it might be your last chance...
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