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This is one of the best meals I have ever had. I haven’t paid for it and you cannot order it. It’s home made, delicious,  authentic Pakistani food, straight from the heart, delivered right to my doors by a very smart lady. And there is a great story behind it.
Few day ago, when at the end of the long day in the studio I was ready to go home,  I’ve noticed a mysterious person,  standing near by, in the dark. What really struck me was the fact she was only wearing a black dress with a short sleeves and she was clearly very, very cold.
“No wonder she’s freezing” I thought to myself. It was indeed a very cold winter night,  with temperature around 0 degree.
Joanna,  my wife,  was first to asked her what she was doing in the middle of the night on the empty street and if she needs any help.
It’s turns out that this poor lady has managed to lock her only keys inside the car and now she was waiting for a AA recovery car.
So we asked her inside,  offering a warm drink and a company. We had a great chat about her misfortune,  fitness,  food and travelling and the live in general.
When the AA came eventually,  we say goodbye to each other and we went home,  in much greater moods, tired but happy that we could help someone.
It was few days ago and I’ve already forgotten about all this. So imagine my big surprise when today I’ve open the door and I’ve recognised the same lady, Ishrat, standing in front if me, with her smart dress and a present bag.
It’s nice to be nice after all. When you treat others well good things will happen to you! 😉


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