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First time I’ve grasped an idea of a magic morning on Tim Ferriss podcast, from the guy called Hal Elrod.
Hal vouches that this simple morning routine has helped him become more calm,  happy, relaxed and productive. He’s discovered he can focus better and he’s not anxious any more.
To fully take advantage of this method you need to be consistent and do it every single morning,  with no exception.

I only call it “magic” because if applied often enough it’s leads to magic things. Routine on its own isn’t magic at all,  you just need to follow few steps.
Night before your first day set up the alarm clock half hour earlier than usually and make the conscious decision to wake up with the first alarm. Don’t press snooze… It’s important.
Ideally,  rest of your family will be still fast asleep so finding a quiet place where you can sit and relax shouldn’t be hard.

I like to sit on the sofa in a half lotus pose but you can choose whatever position is right for you. On your phone or watch, set up five six minutes intervals. It’s your frame. Now it’s time to  fill it in.
For the first 6 min focus on your breathing and try to calm down your mind. Meditate. Then,  in the second interval,  bring up all the things you are grateful for. Next step is a visualisation. Simply imagine all the things you want to achieve today and in the future. More vivid and colourful pictures,  with as many details as possible,  it’s better. Dream big here!
4th step is reading. Read the passage from a self improvement book, interesting blog or a letter from the friend. Read anything which you are interested in or you want to learn more about.
The last step of this morning routine is writing. Grab the pen and write down all the thoughts and idea popping in your head. It doesn’t have to beautiful, not yet…

Done! You’ve just set yourself up for a success today, all before the first coffee!

Give it   a go or let me know if you have a better idea for a perfect morning.

PS. Hal suggests one more step to this list,  exercise, but I’ve chosen not to. My problem,  due the nature of my work,  is that I tend to exercises too much not to little.

PPS.You can find out more about Hal Elrod method from his book.


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