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don’t trust you, especially if you are a “fitness professional” with a diploma. No hard feelings, but I have to check if you are not a poser first.

Let me explain.
I’ve seen it all; a nutritionist who eats at McDonald’s; a fitness coach who smokes and drinks extensively and a personal trainer who cannot squat (sic!) 
This happens because most of the education programmes these days are worthless, aimed for a quick turnout and fast cash.
Also, it’s hard to find a coach who lives and breathes fitness this days. Instead, there are hundreds of wannabees fitness models, and Instagram coaches (stars) who will jump a ship as soon as doing X or selling Y will bring more cash and likes.

So are we doomed?!
Well, America is, for at least 4 years.
But back to the topic.

We, customers, have the last word. Let’s don’t by easily bought by a flashy video and a pseudo-scientific copy offering amazing results in just 2 weeks. Use your head, use your imagination.
Double check the facts, educate yourself and ask for 2nd and 3rd opinion. Don’t be afraid asking questions and demand the answers.
And yeah, if you can’t meet them in person, check their private social profile too. You are going to be surprised. Integrity and honesty are the things of the past.

It’s time for a change!

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Leszek Stelmachowski

Triathlete. Ironman Coach. Co-Owner & Personal Trainer of Fitness Soul. Life Lover. My passion is to help you become better, healthier and fitter!

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