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Dark, cold and wet; end of November, Christmas is creeping in. Cheery music in the shops, decorations on the streets and the first Christmas tree in the early adopter’s window.
Time to freeze the gym membership, stop exercising and indulge in cake. Everyone needs to put in a couple of kilos. No one wants a reindeer knitted sweater to be too loose.
In January we will all start again, one year older, weaker and heavier.
And this time we will reach all our goals, the New Year’s Resolution is a real deal.
But this can wait.
Could you please pass me the bottle, it’s after 5pm, isn’t it?

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Leszek Stelmachowski

Triathlete. Ironman Coach. Co-Owner & Personal Trainer of Fitness Soul. Life Lover. My passion is to help you become better, healthier and fitter!

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